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Digi 4 button remote transmitter is used on DigiDoor products such as the DigiDoor one (1), 2 (II), 3 (III), IQ and 24 motors. To program this remote is considered moderate in fact if you have a wall console it is easy! Battling to tell two Digi remotes apart, then we have the answer. Simply use a different colour rubber on the keyring which is supplied with all new Digi remotes then telling them apart is easy. Using the Keelog remote code the DigiDoor remote will give you peace of mind because, it is super secure! The Digi remote buttons are recessed to stop you pressing them by mistake. Although small and compact this remote still offers great range, normally 100m if not more.

Digi 4 button remote transmitter specifications:

Frequency: 433mHz
Battery: GP23 12v
Dimensions: mm
Coding: DigiDoor Keelog code hopping
Program difficulty: Moderate to Easy if you have a console (See below).

How to program a Digi remote control with wall console:

  • On the wall console toggle the light switch to the off position if the light is on it will go off.
  • Press and hold the light button, the light will come on then after 5 seconds go off.
  • Release the button then the light will come on again.
  • Within 30 seconds press the required new Digi remote button then the light will go off.
  • To confirm press the same remote button again, then the light on the DigiDoor will flash four times. And you’re done!
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