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Our Sherlotronics 4 Channel Stand-Alone Transmitter 12V 1.5km Range (S4) – These transmitters have a range of 1.5km!

They are used to control many things remotely including gate motors, alarm systems and even used with micro-controllers to control your remote-controlled projects very far away.

We stock the 1,2 and 3 relay receivers and long-range receivers, too.

We stock most Sherlotronics transmitters and receivers.


  • Transmission of Alarm signals
  • Linking Electric Fence outputs to Alarms
  • Switching On / Off Pumps on farms
  • Industrial Machinery Control
  • Wireless control of Generators


  • Code-Hopping Encryption
  • 1500m Long Range
  • 4-Channel telemetry outputs
  • Normally open or Normally closed trigger inputs
  • LED indication when a channel is triggered
  • 1 or 3 transmit it can select signals
  • It supervises all inputs
  • On/Off software functionality
  • Frequency: 403Mhz (433Mhz available on request)

Wired to Wireless Security System Transmitters

To begin with it requires wired to wireless security system transmitters for bringing wired devices to a wireless security panel.

Therefore these transmitters come in many forms.

Ome also increasing as security sensors.

Others are strictly for bringing hard-wired devices to a wireless panel.

When upgrading to a wireless system, it is very common to want to bring one’s old hard-wired sensors to the new system.

This can save a user a considerable amount of time and money.

In not having to replace the old sensors.

However, unlike hard-wired systems, wireless security panels cannot readily meet with hard-wired sensors.

This is where wired to wireless security system transmitters come in.

These devices allow you to bring your wired sensors to your new system.

Also a wired to a wireless transmitter usually includes a circuit board.

Where the hard-wired sensors can wire in.

The transmitter will then send a wireless signal to the security panel.

So that the wired sensors can communicate with the system.

The wired sensors will then each need to be programmed with the system.

In their own individual wireless zones, along with their own serial number.

Once everything has been set up.

The hard-wired sensors will function as before.

When they were used with your old wired security system.

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