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Wire GALVANISED - Solid - 2.0mm - 2069m / 50kg (HEAVY GALV) [EW-G2.00HG]


Solid Galvanised Wire is ideal for long permanent electric fencing systems. The heavy galvanised high tensile strength wire is used where a long life and durable electric fence is required. It’s ideal for the larger farm and game electric fencing systems.


  • Heavy duty high tensile strength wire
  • Long life expectancy on a fence
  • Larger diameters offer lower electrical resistance
  • Available in light galvanised for inland use and heavy galvanised for coastal areas


Material High tensile steel
Construction Solid
Tensile breaking strength 2.0mm: ~320kgs
2.24mm: ~400kgs
Resistance 2.0mm: 60 Ohms/km
2.24mm 50Ohms/km
Finish Heavy galvanised
Light galvanised
Stock Code Description
EW-G2.00HG25KG 2.0mm Solid Galvanised Wire HDG 1034m
EW-G2.00HG 2.0mm Solid Galvanised Wire HDG 2069m
EW-G2.24/25KG 2.24mm Solid Galvanised Wire 825m
EW-G2.24HG25KG 2.24mm Solid Galvanised Wire HDG 825m
EW-G2.24 2.24mm Solid Galvanised Wire 1650m
EW-G2.24HG 2.24mm Solid Galvanised Wire HDG 1650m
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