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Takex 180 Wireless 12m TX114FR


TAKEX wireless 180° outdoor PIR, TX114FR

This sensor is equipped with a DUAL ZONE system which initiates an
alarm only when detection occurs in both horizontal and downward
zones simultaneously. No alarm signal is output if only one zone is
obstructed by small animals, vehicles etc.

With ultra-low current consumption for long battery life, and solid state (NO/NC) outputs for both alarm and 3-stage tamper, the detector is compatible with leading wireless transmitters for rapid deployment in remote or difficult-to-cable-to areas.
Selectable AND/OR gating ensures maximum stability in even the most challenging environments.

180 degree coverage detection
Rain-proof structure enables outdoor installation.
Various mounting position can be chosen such as wall and pole.
Various detection patterns
Sensitivity can be adjusted between 30% and 170%.

Transmitter and Battery not included

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TAKEX wireless 180° outdoor PIR, TX114FR

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