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Superhet Code-Hopping Receiver – Sentry 1000 Channel Complex Receiver (433Mhz)
The Sentry 1000 Channel Complex Receiver (433Mhz) is an advanced receiver which has been designed with Access Control requirements in mind. In particular these types of receivers are used where a large number of users need to be catered for within a given area. This Sentry 1000 Channel Complex Receiver is an Advanced Superhet Code-Hopping Receiver.
Sentry 1000 Channel Complex Receiver – Functionality
This SENTRY single channel receiver module can be activated by any one of up to a maximum of 1000 individual transmitters. TASK Can provide you with compatible transmitters for your Sentry 1000 Channel Complex Receiver.
Additionally the reciever provides a RS232 serial data output which can be used for logging on a Windows PC running the SENTRY software.
The Sentry 1000 Channel Complex Receiver offers a 5 AMP potential free relay contact suitable for many applications, most commonly found in situations where a gate or garage door automation product is used.
Our Electronic Engineers within TASK have extensive knowledge of these receivers and all other transmitters and receivers that we supply (and others we do not supply). TASK technical team would welcome any enquiries prior to your purchase if you are unsure of any aspect of the device, to ensure you are receiving the most appropriate receiver and/or transmitter for your particular usage.
The Sentry 1000 Channel Complex Receiver can be used in a number of applications. The most commonly used application is gate or garage door automation. Other areas in which the receiver can be deployed include patient care or in restaurant waiter call applications by teaming it with the SENTRY RXE1 Large Format Display.
Sentry 1000 Channel Complex Receiver Technical Specifications:
SENTRY 1000 Channel Complex Receiver
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