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The SENTRY Code Hopping Remote Control transmitters are secure products utilizing KEELOQ encryption, operating in the 433MHz range. This Remote Control is a three Button Variant.

The SENTRY Code Hopping transmitters are standard encrypted remote controls that generate unique encrypted transmissions with each keypress, in either one, three or four button option. Employing secure KEELOQ encryption, they provide the ultimate level of security- they are exceptionally resistant to code grabbing. The encryption is also sufficiently large to render an attack very time consuming (8 years). Each transmitter is unique and contains a unique serial number that is never duplicated.

SENTRY Code Hopping Remote Control Transmitter Three Button Features

The SENTRY CODE HOPPING products use an encryption technology known as KEELOQ, which is a secure protocol that is exceptionally resistant to grabbing and attempts at decryption. This protocol is also used by leading automobile manufacturers for remote keyless entry. These transmitters do not feature any user-settable dipswitches.

The transmitters are “learnt” into an available memory slot of a compatible SENTRY receiver or SENTRY product equipped with a receiver. Due to the encrypted nature of these transmitters, it is not possible to learn them into receivers of other manufacturers, even though the same technology is used. Each transmitter is also unique, and has a unique serial number which is not duplicated. This also helps to simplify dealing with the issue of a stolen or lost transmitter.

SENTRY Code Hopping Remote Control Transmitter Three Button 433Mhz are manufactured by world leading electronics company Martin Electronics.

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