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Paradox EVO192 protects up to 192 points of detection in your home or business, for maximum security.

Whether for residential or commercial application, EVO can protect up to 8 separate areas under one roof. Ideal for businesses with multiple sectors or departments and multitenant homes where separate security is a must.

It provides varying levels of security to different areas of your house or business.

Remote Control Convenience. Arm or disarm your system with a touch of a button.

Open and close peripheral enclosures like your gate or garage.

Generate a panic alarm.

If you are securing two separate areas, like an upper and lower apartment in the same building, each resident can control their own individual security with a separate remote control.


  • 8 on-board zones (16 w/ zone doubling)
  • Built-in access control features
  • Supports PCS Series, IP Module (IP150) and Voice Module (VDMP3)
  • In-field firmware upgrade via 307USB, Babyware and WinLoad
  • Selectable input resistors for EOL and Tamper
  • Compatible with NEware V4.0 or higher
  • Automatic Daylight Savings Time feature
  • PGM1 can be used as a 2-wire smoke input
  • Program remote controls using the master or installer codes
  • Built-in real-time clock backup battery
  • 1.7A switching power supply
  • 1 supervised bell output, auxiliary output and telephone line
  • Patented 2 opto coupler dialer circuit – the most reliable dialer in the industry (US Patents 5751803, RE39406)
  • Push button software reset (reset to default values and restart)
  • Push button to activate or deactivate the Auxiliary output
  • Fits in a 28cm x 28cm x 7.6cm metal box
  • The EVO series share the same programming for easy panel substitution
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