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Nemtek Double Pole lighting Inhibitor/Diverter


Lightning can cause serious damage to your energizer. When lightning strikes close to (or directly on) an electric fence, it causes a massive surge in voltage which flows back to your energizer.

The only fool proof method to avoid damage to your energizer during an electric storm is to disconnect it from the fence line and from the mains’ power supply. For your personal safety, this is NOT recommended, as it will compromise your security. A practical alternative to this is to install a Nemtek Double Pole Lightning Protector which offers a two pronged approach. Firstly it inhibits the lightning surge from damaging the energizers and secondly it diverts any lightning surge away from the energizers into the ground through the earth spikes.


  • Built-in lightning inhibitor inhibits lightning from getting to the energizer.
  • Built-in lightning diverter diverts the lightning from the energizer into the earth spikes
  • External cover and stainless steel components for use outdoors near the fence


Material UV stabilised plastic housing
Finish Stainless steel components for long life
IP rating IP54
Stock Code Description
EA-LIDII Double Pole Lightning Protection
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