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Inverter kit 2400VA


Brand new Mecer 2400VA (1440w) 24v Inverter

Steel battery case on wheels

Are you in the dark during load shedding?
– No TV and nothing to do ?
– Can’t work on your computer?
– Can’t listen to music
– No WiFi and can’t charge your phone when you need it the most?
– You need an inverter system.

– Simulated sine wave inverter
– Built-in AVR for voltage regulation
– Wide input voltage range: 90-280 VAC
– 24VDC
– Overload and short circuit protection
– LCD display for comprehensive information

– MODEL: Mecer IVR-1200LBK
– CAPACITY: 2400 VA / 1440 W
– Input Voltage range 90-280VAC

Line Mode:
– Output Voltage
– Bypass mode: 0utput voltage same as input voltage
– AVR mode: Output voltage = Input voltage 1.2 at Input voltage – Output Frequency Same as input

Battery Mode:
– Output Voltage 230Vac +/-10%
– Transfer Time 20ms typical
– Waveform Modified Sine-wave

Overload Capability:
– Bypass Mode (in VA and Watts) Load >110%+/-15% , alarm 5 mins then fault
– Load >130% +/-15%, fault immediately.
– AVR Mode (in VA and Watts)at Input voltage > 170VAC Load >100%+/-15%, go to bypass mode
– AVR Mode (in VA and Watts)at Input voltage < 170VAC Load >60%+/-15%, go to bypass mode
– Battery Mode (in W) Load>110% +/-15%, overload alarm for 15s, and then will switch to fault mode for 10s. Then unit will re-start for 5 times Load>120% +/-15% , fault & cut off O/P immediately.

Short Circuit Protection:
– Line Mode Breaker
– Battery Mode Current limit +Firmware Protection

– Battery Voltage 24 VDC
– Acceptable Battery Type Rechargeable lead-acid battery, Deep discharge battery
– Polarity Reserve Protection Yes
– Charger available I/P range 90~280V

– Constant Current Charger Voltage 28.6VDC +/-2%
– Floating Charge Voltage 27.4VDC +/-2%
– Maximum Charge Current 10A or 20A
– DC Start Voltage >22VDC

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