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The B-Cel GSM intercom system allows freedom of communication between the gate station and the residents over a GSM
network. This solution is ideal for use in environments where there is an excessive distance between a gated entrance and
the building or where the entry panel needs to call a telephone number.
Residents can answer the call from the entry panel and open the gate via their cell phone. Once the
communication is established the resident can activate various relays on the unit. This will, for example, trigger the gate to
open or turn on a light or any additional service required.
The system configuration is very convenient: the entry panel is installed outside the premises. The GSM unit, with the main
electronics and the SIM card, is installed inside the premises, avoiding damage, vandalism and theft.
The entry panel and the GSM unit should not be installed more than 20m apart.
The GSM intercom range also include the functionality of missed-calling: if the user calls the gate and his number is in the
memory of the unit, this will recognize the user number and will open the gate at no cost. The intercom has a timeout period,
if the call is not answered.

– Weather proof powder coated metal enclosure in light blue colour
– Lockable front door
– 4 pre-punched gland knock-outs
– 1 pre-punched GSM connector for external antenna
– Removable ground plan for easy installation
– Complete power supply with 4A 13.8V battery charger
– 220V input cable
– Battery leads
– Glands
– Place for up to 2 batteries (7Ah) – batteries are not included
– Metal box dimensions: 320mm (H) x 290mm (W) x 120mm (D)

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